Peace First COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant Application

Peace First is a global organization that helps young people change the world, right now. We support young people ages 13-25 to lead projects that address injustice in their communities through social action. You can learn more about our work at

We are launching a rapid response coaching and grant process to help young people around the world lead projects that address community impacts of COVID-19, from providing meals to elderly neighbors to launching digital mental health campaigns to support youth feeling isolated. Rapid response grants are open to young people between the ages of 13-25, anywhere in the world.

We will pre-approve grants of up to $250 for immediate costs associated with your ongoing or imminent social action project. Given health and safety concerns due to COVID-19, projects should follow guidelines from local authorities on social distancing.

Please reach out to if you have questions or would like more information.

***If your project does NOT address impacts of COVID-19, you should create a regular user profile and project page at instead of using the rapid response form. All projects not related to COVID-19 will be redirected to our website.******

The process works as follows:

– You must be between the ages of 13-25 to apply.
– You may apply as an individual or a team.
– Your project should address the secondary effects of COVID-19 (i.e. mental health, educational disruption, food insecurity, economic insecurity, supply shortages, etc).
– Young people from any region are welcome to apply.
– Your project should be specific and time-bound, and you should be able to complete the main goals of your project within 3 months.

You will complete the below application, including:
-Brief information about yourself
-A description of the INJUSTICE you want to solve
-A COMPASSIONATE INSIGHT (a brief theory of change describing the project you hope to lead)
-A PLAN detailing the steps you plan to take to carry out your project and a MINI-GRANT request of up to $250 US
-A brief section to determine your eligibility

You will also create a user profile on This is a very brief process that should take no more than 5 minutes.

Our team will follow up as soon as possible after you submit your grant request, and provide feedback on your project. We may ask you to revise part of your plan.

Our team will set up a coaching and verification call with you to occur as soon as possible. This is a brief call to provide support and mentorship as you plan your project, and to verify your identity.

After the call, you will receive an email from our team member indicating whether you have been approved for the grant. If approved, you will also be eligible for coaching and mentorship from our staff and partners throughout the duration of their projects.

After your grant is approved by our team, you are welcome to spend the funds necessary to execute your project. We will send you a payment request form where you will indicate how you’d like to receive your grant.

If you are currently unable to directly receive grant funds due to bank closings or other barriers, our team will work with you to determine next steps. We may be able to purchase digital ads or online subscriptions directly, or can mentor you on how best to implement a low or zero-budget digital project.

As part of your application process, you’ll create an account on

Our team will take the information you have shared here and create a Project Page for you, and add you as a contributor to the project page. We will mark all project pages “public” by default, though you can choose to mark it private.

After you complete the project or within three months, whichever comes first, you will need to submit a reflection detailing what your work accomplished.

We also encourage you to send us updates (with photo & videos if possible) along the way.

Should you decide to continue your work, you will be eligible for additional coaching and future grants, including our Global Accelerator program.


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